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[D 4.1 Changing energy efficiency technology adoption in households - Documentation for first expert workshop]

Changing energy efficiency technology
adoption in households - Documentation for first expert workshop

This report is submitted as deliverable 4.1 in the CHEETAH project with the aim of documenting the expert workshop with the title "Market-based instruments for energy efficiency from a consumer perspective", carried out as a solutions workshop at the eceee summer study 2017 on June 1st from 15:00-16:00.

The CHEETAH project has the objectives of providing evidence-based input to energy efficiency policy-making by investigating the influence of energy efficiency policy on households´ investment decisions on three levels:

1) On the micro level, the project provides empirical evidence on households´ response to energy efficiency policies by conducting a survey in eight EU member states, accounting for possible differences by technologies, household types, and countries.
2) On the meso level, the project explores the impact of time discounting and risk preferences, and of policies affecting those factors on technology diffusion and energy demand in the residential sector in Europe up to 2030. The project uses inputs from the micro-level analysis in order to improve the representation of investment decisions in energy demand modelling tools.
3) On the macro level, CHEETAH explores the long-term macroeconomic impacts of changes in microeconomic decision-making and of energy efficiency policy on employment, GDP and exports in the EU up to 2030.

The objective of the workshop was to discuss market-based instruments, i.e. energy efficiency obligations and auctions, from the perspective of decision-making in private households. The workshop addressed the question of how such instruments can stimulate new ways of engaging private households to enhance the uptake of energy efficiency technologies in buildings.This document provides a summary of the discussions in the workshop as well as the presentation slides.

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