CHEETAH: Three levels of analysis provide targeted output

Both the BRISKEE and the CHEETAH projects perform a detailed analysis on three levels, Micro (the household), Meso (investigatig how residential policies affect the demand in the energy system) and Macro (the European economy as a whole), coupled with modelling. The analsyis and modeling approach for each the of the three levels are presented in detail on the respective pages.

In the CHEETAH project, the micro level investigation concerns households. A large demographically representative survey in eight EU member states provides deeper insights into households’ responses to various energy efficiency policy measures such as energy labels or subsidies.

The Meso level in CHEETAH refers to the energy-demand/energy-system level. At at the energy-demand level the aim of the project is to implement the findings from the micro-level regarding consumer-decision-making in energy demand models and to provide European energy demand scenarios until 2030. These scenarios will take the great variety of consumers, countries and policies into account.

Individual investment decisions on energy efficiency technologies do not only influence our long-term energy demand, but also the growth of our economy, and this is the level of analysis for the macro level in CHEETAH. At the macro level analysis, CHEETAH ties together the understanding of consumer investment behaviour and risk preference from the micro level investigation and the demand scenarios in the meso-level analysis with an overall analysis of effects on the economy as a whole.