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Households account for 27% of the EU’s final energy use. The energy used by households largely depends on the decisions that the more than 500 Million Europeans make when purchasing energy-related technologies, from efficient light bulbs to building retrofits. More info soon!

15,000 households in 8 countries...

...told us about their energy efficiency purchasing. Can you guess how they answered?

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BRISKEE analysed European household investment behaviour through a large multi-country survey of 15 000 households, providing empirical evidence of the factors underlying the implicit discount rates and their relation with household adoption of energy-efficient technologies, allowing for differences across households, technologies and countries. Accounting for these factors, it models the diffusion of energy efficient technology and energy demand in the EU residential sector until 2030, and the macro-level impacts of changes in microeconomic decision-making and energy efficiency policy BRISKEE represents cutting-edge agent-based modelling on EU residential efficiency investments. Some conclusions: